Our aims for your child/children
  • We believe that every child must be given equal opportunity to develop his/her potential socially, intellectually, emotionally and physically.

  • Every child is treated with love, respect, understanding and support.

  • The child's progress is monitored by observation
    and through assessment and record keeping.

  • The child's welfare is paramount at all times.

  • That children have a set routine, and a stimulating and safe environment, with excellence in education and care.

  • That children engage themselves spontaneously in a structured learning environment, free from rigid discipline and formal education, which brings them a sense of joy and self achievement in the classroom.

  • That the children are provided with a high ratio of
    members of staff, appropriately trained and qualified,
    to give them attention, direction and trust.

  • That children are given individual lessons.

  • Our aim is to provide the child with keys to the world around him/her.